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Ageing process and sarcopeniaStudies have shown that every ten years after the age of 35, we lose up to 5% of our muscle mass. This decline is closely linked to ageing and a slowing metabolism (meaning a gradual weight increase). What most people don’t realise is that it can be corrected by effective strength building exercise, and you can start at any age. The challenges that get in the way? Lack of time, low motivation, unfocused and inconsistent exercise regimes, or exercise that causes wear and tear (and injuries). The answer? Rev5 is a brand new and exciting exercise concept in the UK (long established in the US), proven to create optimal fitness in just one session a week. The Rev5 difference:

  • Your results and blood pressure monitored at each session
  • Feel energised and fit with just one session a week
  • No need to change into gym clothes, or shower afterwards
  • Evidence based protocol
  • No contract or joining fee

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The trial session will allow you to experience Rev5 for yourself before deciding whether it’s the fitness programme for you. Trial sessions are available by appointment and cost just £25, including your personalised health, strength and technique evaluation.  If you decide to continue, we will deduct your trial session fee from your first purchase. You can purchase your trial session here:

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You can also call us on 07747 634 047 or fill out the form below. Please remember to include your phone number so we can call you to arrange the best time for you.

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