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Have you completed your trial session? Congratulations! You’re now ready to get going. Our starter pack of 4 sessions for £149 is a one-time only offer for new clients, to allow you more time to feel the benefits of Rev5 before committing to one of our packages of 6, 12 or 24 sessions, or the direct debit monthly membership. We will even deduct your £25 trial fee from your starter pack purchase.

Remember all of your Rev5 sessions provide exclusive use of the Rev5 facility and the full 1-1 attention of our highly qualified trainer.


  • All sessions are to be paid for in advance or at the point of booking.
  • Cancellation fees: sessions cancelled less than 24hours before they are scheduled will be charged at 50%, if cancelled less than 12 hours before scheduled, they will be charged in full.

You can choose from the following options:

Book Our Starter Pack of 4 Sessions - £149

*NEW MEMBERS ONLY* One time introductory offer for new members only. If you have previously purchased a starter pack, please consider our packages of 6, 12 or 24 sessions, or our Direct Debit monthly membership. Thank you!

Buy sessions in advance to qualify for special discounts:

Book Your Next 6 Sessions

Save 5% off the full price

Book Your Next 12 Sessions

Save 10% off the full price

Book Your Next 24 Sessions

Save 15% off the full price

Join our Direct Debit Plan to benefit from the best value on a consistent programme:

Join our Direct Debit Plan

If you would like to adopt Rev5 as a consistent exercise programme, then this could be the option for you. Our Direct Debit plan allows for two stages of fitness building:

Phase 1: Fast Track Fitness Building Programme with one weekly session. During the initial phase of your Rev5 training, you will be progressively bringing your strength and muscle fibre quality to the optimal level set by your genetic potential. Price: £185 per month (minimum period 6 months)

Phase 2: Maintenance and Progressive Strength with a session every two weeks. After 6 months, you have the option to decrease the frequency of workouts in order to build on the progress they have achieved already. Price: £95 per month (available after 6 months of phase 1 training)

To join our Direct Debit plan, please print these documents and hand them in to us at your next appointment:

DDI Mandate

Rev5 Client Agreement_Jan16

Have You Had Your Trial Session?

There’s nothing quite like REV5. The best way to find out more about it, is to try it. Click on the ‘Book me in!’ button to apply for your trial session.