• If you feel you know what you should be doing, but struggle to change old habits
  • If you want to be supported and motivated with a structured food plan
  • If you would like to be inspired with new ideas and recipes

Our approach is based on the most cutting edge science, applied to your individual needs. It’s designed to be practical so that you can exchange old habits for new ones which will benefit you for many years to come. And we love tasty food, so don’t worry, we’ll make sure you end up with an eating plan you and your family truly enjoy.

Different levels of support are available from a simple meal planning session to comprehensive programmes including products.

Nutrition Programmes

Lean & Healthy

This plan is designed not only to help you lose weight but to achieve a healthier body composition, meaning you burn fat in all the right places (especially around the waist) whilst improving lean muscle and energy levels. We work on your metabolism, by balancing your hormones naturally for a healthier, leaner new you.

Stress Busting Programme

Many of us are constantly juggling work, home, and other important aspects of our lives, resulting in feeling stressed, exhausted and overwhelmed. This programme is designed to support your nervous and endocrine systems to become more resilient. As a result, you will improve your energy, mood and cognitive performance as well as reduce some of the negative side effects such as digestive issues.

Optimum Wellness

If you want to optimise healthy ageing but feel confused by the conflicting information out there, or the value of supplements and how to use them, this is the programme for you. Our Nutritionist will show you how to enhance your digestive health and detoxification processes. We will also support your nervous system’s function, and aim to balance blood sugars and hormones based on your life stage so that your body finds its balance and maximises its own healing ability.

Bespoke Programmes

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Nutrition Team

Magdalena Wronska, Rev5 trainer

Magdalena Wronska


Magdalena holds MSc in Personalised Nutritional and MSc in Commodity Sciences. She has a special research interest in longevity, women’s health and mental wellbeing. Magdalena has been a nutrition and business lecturer in various academic institutions for over ten years.

Magdalena has a soft spot for resistance training. She is an advocate for lifting weights regardless of age, gender or physical condition. Her passion started when she experienced the results of resistance training on her overall fitness and health as well as mood, wellbeing and confidence.

Magdalena completed her fitness qualifications in 2012 and joined Rev5 as a trainer in 2015.