“I want my body to continue performing at its optimal level.”

Pierre Croset

ReflexoReiki Practitioner & Massage Therapist

Has been training with Rev5 for 8 weeks.


Compound Row: added 34Kg

Shoulder Press: added 22Kg

Leg Press: added 88Kg

How has it been for you, training with Rev5?

I’m not a big gym person whatsoever so I was pretty curious about trying these machines. I like the fact that I’m being supervised because that motivates me.  If you were to tell me, “ok, do it on your own,” I don’t think I’d have the dedication.

I particularly like the fact that you can pop in & out on your lunch hour, without the hassle of having to change into your gym gear. The fact that you are getting a serious work out without breaking a sweat (the exercise room is kept at a low temperature) makes the training all the more convenient and enjoyable, with none of the usual faffing about that normal workouts entail!

And what were your motivations for starting?

I turned 40 this year and I’m naturally growing more conscious of having to work at keeping in shape. With my work, I‘m also required to maintain a healthy mind & body balance at all times so Rev5 is helping me do that, in a relatively quick and easy way.

Have you felt different?

I’m surprised at how much additional weight I’m able to shift each week, and I notice it most specifically when I massage:  I used to have pain in my forearms and shoulders after back to back massage sessions but with this training the pain has gradually disappeared and I have gained additional strength and stamina.

What keeps you doing it?

The need for prevention! I want to stay fit. I want my body to continue performing at its optimal level.


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