“It just feels better and I think that I do overall feel healthier.”

Kevin Barry

Company Director

Has been training with Rev5 for 5 weeks.


Compound Row: added 12Kg

Torso Pull Down: added 16Kg

Chest Press: added 14Kg

How has the Rev5 training been working for you?

As I’ve been getting older I’ve been very aware of losing strength and I had just accepted that as being normal. I’m very surprised and pleased to come here and actually see that I’m gaining in strength. It even appears to me I’m gaining in muscle mass as well, which I’m genuinely surprised about.

And you’ve always been to the gym and exercised a lot?

I’ve been a runner for 40 odd years and for the last 25 years a regular in the gym, probably 2 or 3 times a week, but it had all been mainly the old traditional types of exercise.

I had been using resistance training for years as part of my gym routine  – lighter weights [than Rev5] with more repetitions, using momentum probably too much.  I’ve realised that since I’ve been using this [Rev5] equipment.

And how does Rev5 compare with this?

This is a more pleasant environment for a start. I don’t particularly enjoy the gym environment. Being surrounded by people wheezing and puffing and weight crashing. I find this to be very serene actually. What I like about it is being here just with the trainer. It’s easy to focus on what I’m doing. There are no distractions and it’s almost like a meditation as well as resistance training.

And how have you felt since you’ve been doing this?

It’s been a few weeks and I really do feel better. I’m happy to say that my muscles do ache for a couple of days but it’s a different ache to what I’m used to. It just feels better and I think that I do overall feel healthier.

In what way?

I’m just more aware of my musculature. When I’m walking about, I’m more aware of my arms and chest. I feel more sensation in the muscles.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I think the whole set up is very professional. I was a little bit sceptical before coming along because I come from the old school of ‘pump and grunt’ really, and I’m just amazed at how effective this is. Since coming here, I’ve been looking more into the science behind it, and I’m convinced. I certainly think it’s worthwhile doing. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it, especially to someone of more advanced years.

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