“I love the satisfaction and sense of achievement from seeing the weights go up every time and the sense that I’m making improvements to my body that will benefit me for the rest of my life in many different ways.”

Matthew Stubblefield

Has been training on Rev5 for 5 months.


Torso Pull Down: added 118Kg

Chest Press: added 114Kg

Leg press: added 150Kg

Can you tell me about your experience of Rev 5?

Right from the start, it was apparent to me that the whole approach was very professional, structured and organised. Everything was very well explained to me.

During my first session, we worked out what sort of level I’d be training on. As the weeks went on I was surprised at how quickly the weights went up. What I learnt from those early experiences was that it was not just about the body, it is about the mind as well. I learnt to stay calm and relaxed and almost try to zone out during the exercises. I found I was equally paying attention to my body in keeping it nice and slow and listening to the advice and also keeping my mind calm.

Do you feel it is working your mind too?

I definitely do feel it is working my mind. I think it is making me more resilient and confident as well as physically stronger. What would have been a bit pressurised before doesn’t feel so pressurised now. If I have something quite awkward or difficult to do, it feels as though the mental strength helps me through, absolutely, I definitely feel that.

What benefits have you felt from doing Rev5?

I love the satisfaction and sense of achievement from seeing the weights go up every time, and from seeing the dramatic overall increases since I started the program – far in excess of my expectations.

It’s also exciting to be involved with something pioneering, on the frontier of health and exercise – and the sense that I’m making improvements to my body that will benefit me for the rest of my life in many different ways.

After only a couple of sessions, I could feel a difference. It felt as though my posture was slightly better when moving around, sitting down and driving. When I walk up stairs, where my muscles would have been aching and I would have been slightly bent over, now I feel completely fresh and fine. I certainly notice the increase in strength. My body seems to cope with effort without having so many aches and pains.

Also my tennis has improved, I get tired less quickly, which I was surprised about given that I had assumed only cardio exercise would achieve this. My serve in particular has improved quite a lot and I can hit the ball harder. I feel as if my reactions are quicker and my all round game is better.

Other improvements: just feeling good about myself. I am pleased with my shape, my muscles are slightly bigger and I feel more toned. I have been losing a bit of weight recently as well. I didn’t expect this because most exercise regimes I have done before have made me hungrier, whereas this doesn’t, which is interesting.

What sort of advice would you give people considering Rev5?

Try it! It isn’t like any other form of exercise I have ever done. You don’t have the room full of people effect as in a gym, so if you are feeling slightly self-conscious about yourself, that won’t be a problem. If you don’t think you fit into the bracket of the gym goer, the exercise freak or whatever it might be, this isn’t like any of those things. You don’t have to wear any particular clothing, you don’t need to go out and buy any sportswear, you don’t need to prepare for it by doing lots of stretches and it is easy to fit in your day. Probably the best thing for me is that it doesn’t take up a lot of time. I am now training only once every 2 weeks, so it’s easier to keep it going. Other exercise routines, gyms, swims and sports can be very difficult to fit in. I would recommend anybody to try it.


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