“I have found that my whole musculature system has become much stronger.”

Teresa Dupay

Company Director

Has been training with Rev5 for 9 weeks.


Compound Row: added 40Kg

Torso Pull Down: added 50Kg

Shoulder Press: added 18Kg

How would you describe your experience so far?

I’m at the age where I’m going through my menopause. Personally, it has hit me very hard. I know that my muscles just didn’t have any strength in them, and this seemed to happen overnight. I’m an ultrarunner, and I’d started to have pains in my legs, which I couldn’t describe. Since coming here, I don’t have any pain in my legs any more. I sit straighter, I feel more confident, and I’m running – not faster, but stronger.  I think that when I was just doing the aerobic exercise – I was a triathlete as well – I was very fit but I wasn’t healthy. Now I’m really noticing the difference. I’m becoming fitter and I’m also healthy. For me that’s a revelation.

How do you find the exercise?

I know it hurts, but I love it. I love the fact that I’m lifting and pushing  weights so slowly – It feels meditational for me – I go in, I visualise myself while I’m doing it and it’s wonderful. You really have to go till you cannot move another muscle, and it’s only for a short space of time, but it feels wonderful.

So you actually enjoy the process itself?

I do. I absolutely love it.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

People have said to me: “Why are you driving all the way to Berkshire from Surrey? It’s too far for 15 minutes a week!”

For me it’s a preventive situation. Last year I couldn’t run because I had two Achilles heel injuries, that are now recovered, and I believe that doing this exercise will help prevent further injury. For me, it also makes sense to prevent anything that may happen later on with regards osteoporosis, which is very common in women. My general wellbeing has also improved. I have just completed a half marathon with hardly any training and I found running it not too challenging. I have found that my whole musculature system has become much stronger. I would recommend this type of exercise to anyone.

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